About Us

Service, Integrity, Discretion

Mission Statement

Lucena Group is a global risk management firm providing risk mitigation solutions for our corporate customers serving in complex environments throughout the world. Lucena Group’s success has been realized through an unyielding pursuit of customer service, integrity, and discretion, with results consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. Listening first to gain a clear understanding of our clients needs, we work together to define the mitigation solutions through intelligence driven risk management methodologies. We provide end-to-end solutions and services to our clients in areas of actionable intelligence, risk mitigation, crisis management, operational support and innovative security solutions while striving to provide current and sustainable options with a positive return on investment. Our international team of industry experts stands ready to meet the challenges and provide complete solutions to ensure the success of your organization’s operations.

The Difference

From providing executive security in foreign environments to comprehensive risk assessments of remote mining sites throughout Latin America, intelligence is the cornerstone to our portfolio of solutions. Foundational to our intelligence first model is Lucena Group’s purpose-built Global Support Operations Center (GSOC), which provides customers and field operations with critical 24/7 real-time analyses, intelligence, investigative, monitoring and response capabilities. The Lucena GSOC monitors the social, economic, criminal, and political climate in the various regions that affect areas where our clients conduct business. Our protective intelligence gives us insight into the primary, secondary, and tertiary effects that set the stage for the possibility of a kidnapping or other security risks allowing us to take decisive action and provide sound recommendations to our clients.

Our Solutions

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Lucena Group is comprised of a global network of vetted response providers and support services. We ensure our clients rapid, effective and tailored security solutions for their international needs. Contact us for a detailed and personalized presentation on any of our core services.

  • Investigations, Due Diligence and Data Forensics
  • Intelligence and Foreign Travel Reports
  • Protective Intelligence Programs and Support
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • International Executive Protection
  • Protective Intelligence and Social Media Monitoring
  • International and Domestic Logistical Support
  • Crisis Management
  • Foreign Travel Ground Transportation and Support Programs
  • International Maritime for Executive Protection Operations
  • Aviation Project Support and Security
  • Specialized Training for Military, Government and Private Sector Clients